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***How Its Done Around Here!***

Looking For A Coonhound Pet Puppy?
10 Rules of Ethical Breeding

This page was written for the public to get an idea of what we think is right for US and how WE do things. Though we use the word "kennel", our dogs are not kenneled, they are  our HOUSE PETS! They live in our home morning and night and are considered family members! 
We DO NOT rotate dog's in and out of our "kennel" for breeding proposes. If you look through our pages, you will notice we hang onto our dogs, whether they are breed worthy or not! (Non breeding animal's are spay/neutered) If, for any reason we need to rehome one of our dogs, we DO NOT sell them off... they are spay/neutered & placed into the right FOREVER pet home! (Yeah, even our GRCH show dogs! )
Rehoming our dogs is hard on us, as we get so attached to these guys, but sometimes we have no choice!
Wildcliff is a very small hobby "kennel"! Our litters are few and far between, (Ok, so we only had one litter) as we breed only for ourselves.. That means, after we have a litter, more then likely you won't see any other litters from us until those pups have  proven his/herself breed worthy & is ready to continue our bloodline/show/breeding stock. We do not rebreed sire/dams until their pups have proven themselves... How else can we prove to ourselves that our breeding program is working?
Our dogs compete in both AKC/UKC events. They are AKC, CGC TDI tested!
Our breeding stock has had hips, hearts and thyroids checked and cleared!
Thyroid and Hearts are rechecked before breeding, as those results OFTEN change... a good heart today, is not always good tomorrow!
Due to the heartbreak our family has suffered with poorly bred dogs in the past, we are passionate about our breeding beliefs -- we will do all we can to ensure that your family is thrilled with a happy, sound and sane Wildcliff pup!
Remember, we will be keeping pups back ourselves, (the only reason one should be breeding?) so its in our best interest to do all we can to produce only quality animals! Puppy buyers will benefit for our "spare no expense" breeding practices!
Temperaments are EXTREMELY IMPORTANT to us, any animal who does not exhibit a nice easy going, non aggressive, SANE temperament, able to handle any situation in our home or out in public, will be removed from our breeding program immediately! NO EXCUSES!
We do NOT accept deposits on planned litters! Deposits only bind you to a kennel/litter & we do not what anyone to feel like they are "stuck" with us should you find a pup elsewhere before our litter is whelped/ready to go.
We do NOT go with the first come first served theory - we prefer to place the right pup in the right home,  one cannot get a feel for a pup's temperament until pups are between 6-8 weeks of age..   By that time, we should have a good idea of what pup will best fit your lifestyle... if you do not agree and wish to find another pup elsewhere, feel free.
Puppies will only go to homes who have taken the time to "get to know us"! No pup will go to strangers!
Puppies will not be sold to anyone who has a history of rotating dogs in and out of their home/kennel..  We feel it is unfair to see a dog change homes constantly. I will not have one of my dogs passed around, risking the chance of losing track of him/her --  if you sell/trade/place or otherwise remove the dog from your home without contacting us first, we will see you in court!
All pups go out on either a limited reg (AKC) or as co owns(UKC) --- Puppy buyers are not "rewarded" with a reimbursement for spay/neutering your Wildcliff pup, as spay/neuter is NOT AN OPTION ..It is required! Not spaying/neutering is a breech of contract!
Should  you purchase a show potential pup from us & he/she does not grow up to your expectations, or you decide it's not the right dog for you/ your breeding program, you MUST contact us! Wildcliff retains the right of first refusal at buying the pup back (Price NOT to exceed the original cost of the pup! Show titles do NOT compare to the time/money I put into these pups, so don't even go there!)
The above rules apply for pet pups as well -- we understand life changes & we wnat you to feel safe and  comfortable calling us to return one of our dogs .. at anytime/age, no matter what!!  Its ok, we understand!
Puppies do not leave here until they are AT LEAST 8-10 weeks old -- they leave here CLEAN, up to date on medical care, crate trained, leash broke & familiar with grooming (nail clipping and such) They also leave here with a collar/lead, toys, puppy pack, AKC/UKC paperwork, our contract and the understanding that you are now a part of Wildcliffs extended family ... (basically, your stuck with us! We want your calls, questions,worries, updates, brags and gobs of photos!!!)
If you are interested in a Wildcliff pup after reading the above, please drop us a line at  Or call 845-216-1556 ~ Introduce yourself, your family & what activities you and your Wildcliff pup will be doing!
I know all the above sounds like I'm a control freak, but it is extremely important to us to know our pups are safe and happy for their entire lives... they weren't asked to be born, so its our job to protect them!

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